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Review of: The Letter from Briarton Park by Sarah E. Ladd

Popular Regency author Ladd (The Cornwall Novels) kicks off her new Houses of Yorkshire series with this intriguing tale, equal parts romance and mystery. Cassandra Hale, thinking herself an orphan and raised in a house for girls, receives an astonishing letter from an unknown man summoning her to Briarton Park for information about her family. However, the letter is over two years old, the letter-writer is dead, and Briarton Park is now in the hands of widow James Warrington who knows nothing of Cassandra or her origins but agrees to help her in her quest for answers. After Cassandra rescues his sister from the clutches of a thwarted suitor, James offers her a position as governess. The town’s vicar, Mr. North, also befriends Cassandra and attends to her, though warns of asking too many questions. However, after a man is murdered who sought to ensure Cassandra’s inheritance per her late father’s will, it is clear her parentage is important to many of the townsfolk. James and Cassandra’s friendship blossoms into romance as they uncover the truth and learn that people may not be who they seem. A light, satisfying story. [March]

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