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Review of: Malicious Intent by Lynn Blackburn

I enjoyed this clean, fast-paced romantic suspense novel with Christian/ faith elements. It's part of a series and can be read as a stand-alone but I'd recommend starting with the first one just so you're more familiar with the other characters and their backgrounds. Ms. Blackburn does a great job of combining a suspenseful mystery along with a romance, with emphasis placed equally on both. I really liked the details of Ivy's job as a creator of prosthetic limbs, and information about the Secret Service. The author always does her research and it shows! Ivy & Gil are both likeable characters with flaws but good hearts, and they have a chance at a second chance romance in this story. I loved the way they came together at the end. This is a clean book, but like the first one the descriptions of violence are still a little bit graphic/ disturbing for my taste. However, I still recommend this for a great romantic suspense where justice is served and love wins!

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