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Review of: The Chase by Lisa Harris

I loved this book!! I picked it up even though I hadn't read the 1st in the series and didn't feel lost at all. I liked the alternating viewpoints from Madison & Jonas and felt their relationship was very true-to-life (ie. complicated). The author was able to reveal the back-story about Madison's husband's murder & cold case without slowing down the action from the current crime story about a string of bank robberies. Madison & Jonas track the criminals and find they're part of a larger network that has to do with politics, tech, and gaming. The book was fast-paced with lots of action yet there were plenty of heart-warming scenes with Madison and her family and Jonas with his former partner. The characters and their lives were well-fleshed out. At the end of the book we learn more about Madison's husband's death and while she and Jonas develop their relationship past friendship, the book will definitely leave readers on pins & needles waiting to find out the conclusion to the series and answers as to who is behind Madison's husband's murder and why, and whether she and Jonas end up finding love together. What was most appealing for me is that this book was free of graphic violence, sex, or foul language but just as well-plotted and action-oriented as anything from Hollywood!

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