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Review of: A Glimmer of a Clue by Daryl Wood Gerber

This book is everything fans of cozy mysteries love!! The author did a great job of writing true to genre - I'm not sure of any tropes she "didn't" use, lol! You'll find here a relatable amateur sleuth with a big heart who recently returned home after a failed relationship to open her own business; an idyllic small-town setting; a new love interest; a clean, well-plotted murder mystery with lots of red herrings and a satisfying ending; a cat; a touch of magical realism/ paranormal (real fairies, woo-hoo!); and an Appendix chock-full of mouth-watering recipes. Hence - I absolutely LOVED this book!! As with her other series, the author has created a well-rounded cast of characters who populate Carmel-by-the-Sea. I hadn't read the 1st in the series, so found the list of the Cast at the beginning of the book very helpful. I do think it would be good to read the books in order for familiarity purposes. Some of the characters were more developed than others but that's to be expected. The whimsical elements were fabulous - reminded me of Peter Pan & other fairy tales of childhood! The author writes some of the richest, most lush descriptions I've read. The book is worth the read just to escape into this charming setting and world! I think in the hands of another author, the premise could have come off as saccharin - so artificially sweet as to leave a bad aftertaste. I could not be more grateful that the author didn't write "snark;" instead, she created a real world with fleshed out main characters & relationships. Authors should take note - this is how it's done!! I can't wait to read more. 5 stars

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