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Book review: An Amish Surprise by Shelley Shepard Gray

Greetings Sweet Friends! I'm excited to bring you a new book review today from one of my favorite genres - Amish fiction!

This is the second in Gray's new Berlin Bookmobile series featuring retired accountant Sarah Anne Miller who volunteers as a traveling librarian delivering books to the Amish community. Readers will be excited to see Sarah Anne have her own romance as she is courted by handsome widower Pete Cannon. However, Sarah Anne hadn't planned on falling in love again so soon after the tragic passing of her husband, Frank, and she worries she is dishonoring his memory. Meanwhile, she does her best to deal with the Miller family who frequent the bookmobile with six rowdy children. The oldest boy, Miles, is a 10-year-old foster child. A young married farmer, Calvin, takes a special interest in the child since he and his wife, Miriam, have been unable to have their own children. Calvin longs to adopt Miles but Miriam is initially against the idea, resulting in a rift in their relationship. When Miriam becomes pregnant she chooses to keep it a secret for fear of losing the baby. She worries that her husband will stray if she continues to miscarry. As Calvin grows closer to Miles, Miriam learns to release her pride and trust God. In so doing, her heart is opened to the foster boy and she and Calvin enjoy a heartwarming reconciliation. They not only adopt Miles but Miriam gives birth to twins. Sarah Anne also realizes that she needs to trust God's plan instead of her own and moves forward in her relationship with Pete. Gray's writing is at its best in this series with fully realized characters, true to life situations, and delicately woven biblical themes.

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