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Review of: The Spark of Love by Amanda Cabot

The Spark of Love is the 3rd in the Mesquite Springs trilogy by Amanda Cabot. Like each of the books in this series, it can definitely be read as a stand-alone, but you'll have a much richer foundation by beginning with the first and reading them in order. Ms. Cabot's writing is replete with descriptions that make you feel as though you are whisked back in time and part of the town itself. The amount of historical research the author does shows in each of her books, and I find these details to be particularly interesting. Alex, like the other female heroines in this series, is a strong, independent woman, especially for the time period. She's definitely my favorite and most relatable of the three. This is also my favorite story in the trilogy - it's quite complex, with lots of secrets, lies, false identities, etc. The characters are fully human - each with flaws and weaknesses, having made mistakes, but also revealing good hearts and true love. Biblical principles including forgiveness, redemption, family, and love lie at the heart of the tale, and of course we're treated to a happy ending. The only negative for me would be the number of characters - it became difficult to keep track of them all and all the minor storylines. 4.5 stars!

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