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Review of: Rescuing Her Heart by Cindy Ervin Huff

This well-researched inspirational romance, set in Kansas in 1870, is a moving work centering around the terrible effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, both on the sufferer as well as those around him/ her. Jed and Lonnie Holt are twin brothers and owners of the Single Cross Ranch where they live with Lonnie’s pregnant wife Genny and their young daughters. Jed, a former army chaplain, was abused in prison during the war, and his brother Lonnie’s face was disfigured in a fire that killed their mother. While making rounds for the pastor, Jed discovers that the town drunk, Lemont James, killed himself after setting fire to his own house. He finds his widow, a mail-order bride named Delilah, cowering in the barn. Delilah, the daughter of immigrant servants, is irrationally terrified of men after suffering extreme abuse at the hands of her former husband. Jed invites her to live with his family in order to heal and help Genny with keeping the house. All of the characters in this redemptive tale struggle to deal with the horrors of their pasts and find forgiveness for themselves as well as others. The romance that slowly unfolds between Jed and Delilah is filled with a rawness of emotion that is gripping and rings true to life. The settings are richly detailed with pin-point historical accuracy. Huff clearly did her homework as the amount of research is evident not only in terms of detail of place, time, and vernacular, but in the symptoms of PTSD and the horrific consequences it can have when left untreated. Biblical themes resonate throughout the work as the characters discover relationships with both God and each other as they journey from heartache to hope and healing. A beautiful tale of salvation.

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