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Review of: Murder at Sea Captain's Inn by Melissa Bourbon

I've heard of this author before (specifically her bread shop series), but this is the first book of hers I have ever read. Let me just say it won't be the last!!! I was blown away from page 1. I think it probably would have been helpful if I had read the 1st book in this series first, but I felt the author did a good job of sharing the backstory without slowing down the pace or taking away from the mysteries at hand in this book. Like other reviewers have said, there are many levels of intrigue as secrets from the past bubble up to the present. The author does a fabulous job of weaving a bit of magic with history and creating a complex overarching character-driven story at the same time as presenting a murder mystery that is solved at the end of this book. Highly recommend! I will definitely be following and reading all the books in this series.

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