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Review of: At Lighthouse Point by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is the 3rd and concluding book in the Three Sisters Trilogy, and it did not disappoint!! While this can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend reading the books in order in order to understand the back-story and to familiarize yourself with all the characters. They all appear again in this book plus some, which could be confusing to new readers.

This book features Blaine, the youngest of the three sisters, who has struggled with coping with the death of her mother at a pivotal age and how it affected her relationships. She's always been treated as the baby and unable to handle any form of commitment or responsibility. Tired of receiving unwanted advice, she left her family to renovate Camp Kicking Moose on Three Sisters Island, Maine, and headed for Paris to train as a chef. Upon her return, she uncovers problems with the camp as well as family secrets. Plus, her best friend and romantic interest, Artie, isn't speaking to her. Blaine has made some very poor choices and learns to take accountability for her actions. As the family work together to save the camp, they face their past and join together in their shared values and renewed faith in God as well as each other.

I wish we had seen more of Artie and the romance aspect in this book, but then I think the author would have had to write another book or two to wrap everything up! I loved this series and all the characters and am sad to bid farewell. However, Suzanne Woods Fisher is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading her future work.

5 stars!!

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