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Meet the Characters: Jessalyn Knight from Dalton's Dual Brides

Hi Everyone. My name is Jessalyn Knight. It's 1870. I live in Chicago - but not for much longer! I signed up with a matchmaking agency to be matched with an eligible bachelor out West. I know this is the opportunity I've been waiting for! I'm going to marry a cowboy and start a new life. Although I worry about my little brothers and sisters - how will they fare without me?

Oh no, I just found out there's been a terrible complication! The agency's representative said some sort of mishap occurred (I think a cat had something to do with it), and their files got mixed up. They could only find a piece of paper that said that "Miss J. Knight" had been matched with cattle rancher Dalton Sweetland.

But they couldn't find my address so they posted an ad in the newspaper asking me to come by to pick up the money for my stagecoach ticket.

Well, you'll never believe this, but when I answered the call, another woman showed up too! She says her name is Jenna Knight. We're definitely not related and couldn't be more different! She's beautiful, yes, but where are her manners?!? I like my sleeves long and my necklines high. I'm a quick learner, a hard worker, and I will be the perfect wife for Dalton. He will definitely choose me to be his bride. Won't he?

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