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Meet the Characters: Dalton Sweetland

In case anyone has missed the recent "Meet the Characters" parties, I've decided to re-post my characters here for you! Please enjoy their introductions. Today I will feature Dalton & Jenna from my book Dalton's Dual Brides. The next party will take place on Tuesday, 2/16 - please be sure to follow my Author page on Facebook for the invitation! (pssst - you'll get to meet Jessalyn!).

Howdy. Name's Dalton Sweetland. I'm a cattle rancher outside Laramie. The year is 1870. Afraid I'm in a real pickle. My father recently went to be with his Maker and left me in charge of management of the family ranch. I went through the books and realized we're in the red. My brother suspects rustlers. To make matters worse, an outlaw who used to work for me was recently hanged after he robbed a train. When asked what he did with the money he stole, he whispered my name before going to the grave. Now my cow hands are reporting mysterious things happening on the ranch and there's rumors of ghost sightings. I don't believe it.

I've gone from being ignored by the ladies due to my introverted nature and focus on getting the ranch back in the black to being the most sought-after bachelor in the Wild West (at least, according to Duke, my younger brother). I know it's because they all think there's money buried on my land and are just looking to get rich. None of them really know who I am, much less love me.

My brother had the bright idea to spend some of the little cash we have on a matchmaking agency to find me true love. He thinks I need a wife, and truthfully, it would be nice to start a family of my own one day, not to mention having another pair of hands out here. The letter from the agency came last week reporting I've been matched with "Miss J. Knight." She's taking the stagecoach out to Laramie. I wonder what she'll be like? Could she possibly learn to love a cowboy - much less one who seems to be cursed?

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