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Meet the Characters: Jenna Knight

In case anyone has missed the recent "Meet the Characters" parties, I've decided to re-post my characters here for you! Please enjoy their introductions. Today I will feature Dalton & Jenna from my book Dalton's Dual Brides. The next party will take place on Tuesday, 2/16 - please be sure to follow my Author page on Facebook for the invitation! (pssst - you'll get to meet Jessalyn!).

Hi Everyone. My name is Jenna Knight. It's 1870. I live in Chicago - but not for long! See, I signed up with a matchmaking agency to be matched with an eligible bachelor out West. Oooh, I can't wait to meet my future cowboy husband!! And start a new life. There's nothing for me left here, at least not since my mother married my stepfather after my real father died.

However, there's been a slight complication. See, the agency had some sort of mishap (I think a cat had something to do with it), and their files got mixed up. They could only find a piece of paper that said that "Miss J. Knight" had been matched with Dalton Sweetland. But they couldn't find my contact information so they posted an ad in the newspaper asking me to come by to pick up the money for my stagecoach ticket.

Well! You'll never believe this, but when I answered the call, another Miss J. Knight showed up too!! But her first name is Jessalyn. We're NOT related. She actually claims she's the one the agency matched with Dalton! Why, the nerve of that hussy!! Now we're both now headed for Laramie, Wyoming to meet Dalton. I'm positive he'll choose me to be his future bride! (Won't he??)

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