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Dalton's Dual Brides

image of a book cover Dalton's Dual Brides

A naughty cat…a mixed-up matchmaker…an outlaw’s ghost…and now dueling brides - what’s a cowboy to do?

1870, Wyoming Territory. Dalton Sweetland is one stressed-out cattle rancher. Notorious outlaw Butler Robb was recently caught following a life of crime spent stealing cattle, robbing stagecoaches, and committing murder. Right before being hanged, Robb uttered one final word… “Sweetland.” In the months since a rumor has popped up in a town that the outlaw buried his loot somewhere on Sweetland land. Multiple townsfolk are claiming they’ve seen Robb’s ghost wandering the property, purportedly to recover his lost gold. To make matters worse, Dalton’s ranch hands keep quitting out of fear of being accosted by the apparition, and Dalton himself keeps being accosted by mischievous young ladies wishing to marry him, find the treasure, and get rich quick. After Dalton’s brother suggests hiring a matchmaker to help him find true love, Dalton hopes the end of his problems is finally in sight. Little does he know…

1870, Chicago. Cleo the cat, after enjoying a bit too much catnip, lost her balance while prancing along the high bookshelf where Agatha Sinclair, matchmaker, keeps her files. While skittering down, Cleo’s weight proved too much for the flimsy wood and the structure came toppling over, sending Agatha’s papers flying. Nobody could blame poor Agatha for promptly having an apoplectic fit upon seeing the mess. Now her granddaughter, Maggie, is left with trying to sort out her grandmother’s matches. The files indicate that Dalton Sweetland was matched with a “J. Knight,” but Maggie can’t seem to locate the woman’s address to contact her. Hence, she takes out an ad in the newspaper looking for a marriageable lady named “J. Knight” who wishes to claim her ticket out West to meet her match. Much to Maggie’s distress, not one, but TWO Miss J. Knights come knocking at her door ready to claim the golden ticket.

Was Dalton matched with Jessalynn or Jenna? Maggie doesn’t have time to figure this out, so throwing up her hands, she apologizes for the mishap and agrees to foot the bill for both of them to take the stage to Wyoming.

May the best bride marry the cursed cowboy...

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A betrayal...a secret baby….an unknown imposter…will Tess survive the wagon train journey to Sunset Hills, Oregon after her life is threatened? And if so, what will she do once she gets there?

1855. Independence, Missouri. Tess Findlay can’t wait to be reunited with her beau who went out west three months ago to mine for gold, saying he’d send for her once he’d gotten established. Even though she hasn’t heard from him she’s discovered she’s with child and decides to join a wagon train to travel to Oregon to surprise him with the news. When a band of robbers holds up the caravan, Tess is shocked to recognize her beau as one of the outlaws. He warns her that someone on the wagon train isn’t who they seem but before he can reveal the person’s identity he is killed in a gunfight. Who can Tess trust? She is drawn to widowed physician Garrett Kincaid but fears for her life and that of her unborn child. Besides, what man would ever want a woman who is carrying another man’s baby?

Garrett Kincaid is looking forward to bringing his youngest nephew, Jacob, to join his sister and brother-in-law in their new home of Sunset Hills, OR. His sister begged him to care for her young son until the rest of the family got settled. The time is right for them to make the journey west. There is nothing left in Kansas now for Garrett, anyway, not since his wife died of typhoid fever. He’s always wanted to start his own medical clinic, and Sunset Hill seems like the perfect place. However, after the wagon train is robbed, Garrett realizes he will have to do everything in his power to help the group arrive safely. When Jacob befriends a beautiful young woman, Garrett can’t help but wonder why she is traveling alone. Can he discover her secrets without scaring her away? And he is ready to love again?

Image of a book cover Tess
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A Bride for Big Ed

She’s wanted dead or alive…. a desperate plan to keep her safe…. will answering an ad for a proxy bride be the answer? Or will Ophelia Price get more than she bargained for when she finally meets her new husband, Tombstone Marshal Edward “Big Ed” Lawson?

1890, Baltimore. Ophelia Price has a secret. That’s not her real name. In fact, she doesn’t even know what her real name is. But what she does know is there are people looking for her, bad people who want her and her family dead. After her parents receive a mysterious telegram, Ophelia learns she’s not who she thinks she is – just a daughter of poor immigrant servants – but rather, the next queen in line to the throne of a foreign country rife with conspiracies, violence, and false claims to the monarchy. Suddenly, she’s faced with danger from unseen forces and hastily scrambles for protection. When she spies an ad seeking a proxy bride for a recently widowed young father just appointed U.S. Marshal in the town of Tombstone, she readily agrees to the arrangement. But is she prepared to handle all that she signed up for – caring for a motherless child and a man bent on trying to save everyone but himself?

Image of a book cover Big Ed
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A Caregiver for Cash

Image of a book cover A caregiver for Cash

A widowed controlling father….a blind but rebellious daughter….can caregiver Eliza Abraham help this family before tragedy occurs?

1890, Illinois.
When she sees an advertisement in the Springfield Tribune for an upstanding, single Christian woman between 18 and 25 years of age for matrimony, housekeeping, and motherhood, Eliza Abraham jumps at the chance for a life she would never otherwise have. Being an only child, and a poor orphan at that, Eliza longs for a family of her own.

When she arrives by stagecoach in Laramie, Wyoming, she discovers that widowed coal miner Cash Jacobs has no intention of marriage whatsoever, despite the best-laid plans of his meddling mother and 10-year-old blind, headstrong daughter Rosemary. Cash agrees, however, that his child could benefit from a caregiver and since Eliza has experience as a nanny, he offers to hire her for the position.

Eliza quickly discovers that Cash’s controlling ways have estranged his young daughter’s affections and begins to wonder which member of the Jacobs family really needs a caregiver?

No Ordinary Summer Romance

“Find your Perfect Match this summer at the seaside...” 


The Forever Yours matchmaking agency is hosting a vacation package week in Seaview, Florida.  Taking a break from her busy but unrewarding life in Chicago, Callie Winthrop has come to town to find respite at her beloved Aunt Fran’s bed and breakfast.  When the CEO of Forever Yours – who just happens to be staying at the inn for the event – offers Callie the opportunity to attend the activities and meet the most eligible bachelors in the country, how can she say no? 


Jackson Thorne, a successful Tampa contractor, can’t believe the nerve of his brother, who actually thought it was a good idea to sign him up for a matchmaking vacation this summer.  Jackson acknowledges, however, that he has been avoiding commitment ever since his last relationship ended in tragedy.  Hence it may actually be good for him to start dating again – much as he would hate to admit it.  Maybe there’s even a chance he could meet the woman of his dreams this summer? 

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