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Review of: The Moonlight School by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I've read and enjoyed previous books by this author, but she has truly knocked it out of the ballpark with this amazing story which is based on real people and events! I didn't know anything about the Moonlight Schools (which were a real thing), and was initially captivated by the beautiful cover as well as the topic of literacy. The main character, a fictional young woman named Lucy, is hired as a stenographer by her father's cousin who is a superintendent of schools in an impoverished area of Kentucky. Lucy is grieving a tragic loss and seeking hope and purpose. She joins with her cousin, Cora Wilson Stewart (who was an actual historical person), to help people learn to read who never had the opportunity to do so. They did this by opening schools to adults on moonlit nights and teaching them. This is a beautiful tale of love, loss, hope, and redemption. The best part is it is based on true events. The author goes above and beyond, treating readers to several Addenda containing historical and biographical information, a bibliography, and discussion questions. A definite award-winner and Ms. Woods Fisher's best yet.

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